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The fifth in the award winning line of habanero sauces

For Immediate Release –April 22, 2015

Amy Colella Wilson
Padilla Innovation
[email protected]

Bentonville, AR –  A fifth flavor has been added to the El Yucateco habanero sauce line up.
El Yucateco Black Label Reserve is a dark, smoky habanero sauce with a mild heat level.


The smokiness quotient in Black Label Reserve is apparent as soon as the bottle is uncapped.

  • It’s a natural for lacquering on grilled meats and vegetables.
  • A few shakes on a burger or steak adds full char-grilled flavor.
  • Add a dash to soups or stews as they simmer for a fire-roasted boost. 

  “Our Black Label Reserve is not like anything else in the hot sauce category today”

Says Amy Colella, VP of Marketing for the brand. “The hot sauce category has been experiencing high growth rates for over 5 years and continues to have double digit growth. 56% of US households have hot sauce on hand in their kitchen today, according to NPD Group.  Consumers purchase hot sauce by the flavor profile first, and most purchase more then one type of hot sauce.  As the market leader in habanero segment of the hot sauce category we feel flavor variety and innovation within the category is a win for all hot sauce lovers and our retailer partners.  After-all, as our loyal fans would tell you, El Yucateco IS ‘The King of Flavor’.”



El Yucateco is the #1 selling Habanero sauce in the US

Where it enjoys widespread consumer appeal. With Habanero and Jalapeno, the line now boasts seven different sauces, each with a unique flavor profile.

The Black Label Reserve, originally launch exclusively at 2,000 Walmart stores around the US, has been very well received by consumers is now available in many west coast grocery stores and online with daily expansion.

El Yucateco crafts their sauces with the whole fruit of the pepper, lending a thick, pulpy consistency and full, rich, rounded pepper flavor that makes them such a versatile foodie favorite for cooking and condiment use. Their sauces do not use added capsaicin or other extracts to increase the heat level.

This eliminates the sharp, cutting font-of-palate flavor and chemical aftertaste you find in many hot sauces.

About El Yucateco

El Yucateco was founded in 1968 by Mr. Priamo J. Gamboa in Yucatan, Mexico, as a small family business devoted to the production of handcrafted habanero pepper hot sauces. Now an international brand with distribution in Mexico, Canada, Australia, the UK and the US., the Gamboa family are still handcrafting our sauces from habaneros picked in their own fields.  For more information go to:   


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